Our Story

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter was started by Glenda Elliott (and her husband Ron) more than 30 years ago. Glenda and Ron have put everything they own into the shelter and property over the years. Kangaloola provides a 24 x 7 x 365 rescue service and handles 250-350 animals per annum.

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE A PRIVATE SHELTER AND NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ... the wildlife shelter takes in injured native animals and brings them back to health and, finally, returns to their natural environment.

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter services a large area of North East Victoria. We are a registered charity and not for profit association. Kangaloola is one of the largest wildlife shelters in Victoria.

We accept volunteers via our partner Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers. Please note that acceptance is subject to screening for suitability. We are situated in the bush with minimal services and the workload is significant and the hours can be long. A love for native wildlife will make it worthwhile though.

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter will and does undertake rescues of all species of Australian native wildlife.

Donations can be made via the donation button on this site.

For more than 30 years, the wildlife shelter has taken in injured native animals and operates a 24x7 emergency rescue service.
Volunteer wildlife shelter relies on donations to continue. We are completely funded by generous supporters. We have no recurrent government funding, we depend on your generosity.
Injured, sick and orphaned Australian wildlife are rescued, rehabilitated then released back to the wild (wherever possible).