We Rescue, Sick, Injured and Orphaned Native Australian Wildlife  then Rehabilitate and Release

*Kangaloola is a not-for-profit charity private shelter that is not open to the general public

Our Vision

We dream of a time when native wildlife in Australia are able to live free, in a natural environment, unharmed by any form of human activity. Native animals deserve a life free from cruelty and human interference. For more than 30 years, we have taken injured and orphaned native animals, cared for their health and, finally, returned them to their natural environment.

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter, which services a large area of North East Victoria, is a registered charity and not for profit association. We are one of the largest wildlife shelters in Victoria. Injured or threatened animals come into care for various reasons, including dog or cat attack, vehicle collision and those that find themselves in conflict with humans.

Get involved!

Would you like to help look after our beautiful Australian wildlife and learn more about how to care for these precious animals?

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You can help us!
Your kind donation will help fund rescue, food, medical treatment and critical investigations and campaigns on behalf of native wildlife.


Protect and enhance a significant aspect of the natural environment, being native wildlife, through the prevention and relief of suffering of native animals by rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing (where possible) those that are sick, injured and orphaned.

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter:  we “give animals a 2nd chance at life”.

Volunteer reviews

Volunteering here makes you realise how dedicated Glenda is. I don't think I have ever seen someone who loves animals so much and has dedicated her whole life to them. It was a magical experience helping them and doing something worthwhile. They need all the funds they can get so if you are reading this please donate what you can to help this amazing family do what they are doing because you can be sure every penny you donate will go towards helping animals in need.

Avani Malhotra Somaiya
September 1, 2019

I volunteered at the Shelter in November for two weeks. It was the best experience of my life. Glenda and Ron's dedication to the animals is undeniable. Glenda especially works extremely hard looking after the animals. I fell in love with both the kangaroos and the wombats. The days are long and all the volunteers worked hard but one cuddle from a kangaroo or a wombat makes it all worth while. My experience was made so much better by working with other caring volunteers from all around the world. I would certainly recommend volunteering at the Shelter.

Sheila Penman
December 18, 2018

Glenda and Ron have put everything they own into the care of native animals at Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter. When I heard that Glenda may have to close the shelter in 2014 due to lack of funds, myself and a few others began to actively support her and raise funds. Now, around 300 animals get a second chance at life because they can come to Kangaloola for care and rehabilitation. Everyone here works for free and every $ of donations goes straight to the animals. Glenda Elliott is an “Angel of the Bush” for native animals.

Chris Lehmann
December 1, 2018

There are many ways to help our much loved wildlife as they endure the pressures from human development, harmful human activity and climate change. You can make a difference and help us deliver this essential service to the community. No matter what level of involvement, each and every time you set aside your time, skill or donations to help care for wildlife, you are directly contributing to their continued survival and we thank you greatly for your dedication.